How to Create a Killer Small Business SEO Strategy in 2017

Small Business SEO in 2017

Every year provides fresh opportunities for savvy marketers to improve and reevaluate their Small Business SEO strategy.

The dynamic nature of SEO provides enormous potential for those who are ahead of the game to experience huge gains in traffic and ultimately new customers.

As with life in general, a strategy for adapting to change and taking advantage of new opportunities is essential. After a painstaking amount of research and planning (synthesising all of the best content the internet can provide) from Neil Patel to Moz, we’ve identified the the top elements to consider when creating a SEO strategy for 2017 and the ones that you can comfortably get rid of.

Keep in mind that these elements will not only help you in 2017, but will provide a solid framework to build upon in the years to come.

Focus on mobile

As most savvy business owners know a larger and larger proportion of customers are now using mobile devices to search for local services.


How to Create a Killer Small Business SEO Strategy in 2017
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